Can i kill spiders?

No! We do not believe in hurting animals this product is not for killing spiders but feel free to tickle your partner.


Can I store the Cobweb Winder with web on the wand?

What do you call two young married spiders? Newlywebs! 

So, we recommend cleaning and disposing of the web or disposing of the wand to remove potential spiders and spider eggs from the storage area.


How many spider webs can I clean with one wand?

Dozens! Wind webs around the wand until the ball becomes too big to move into the spaces you are cleaning. By the way, why do spiders spin webs? Because they cannot knit.


How do I order replacement wands?

When you need replacement wands, order them from our online store.


If the button does not work?

How big are spider brains? check your batteries.