About us


How does my father stay alive in a house full of spiders? By putting a positive spin on it. 

Cobweb Winder came about from my father being OCD  by nature...

He was tired of having to clean spider webs with brushes which smear the web everywhere then clean the brush. Being a Product designer he knew there had to be a better way than messy brushes or awkward vacuum cleaners.

My mom said to my dad he was spending too much time on the web. He does! There have been 5 different prototypes we made and tested over the span of a few years. He was finally happy with the Cobweb Winder design. We took some down to a local market in Perth and attracted clients like flies. We sold a few quickly. But, as the day progressed and there were less webs near the stand. It got harder for me to demo the product.

How do you know how to find a spider winder? They surf the web and visit our website. We came to realize that waiting to catch Cobweb Winder buyers in-person is a sticky, slow business. That’s why we decided to give it a bug, and open an online shop, a web-site, of course. (We’re here to Shopify, not terrify, after all.)

Cobweb Winder is a registered design and is Patent Pending.